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Lizzy Alignamath was sitting at her desk at work in Murfreesboro, TN when she got the call she’d been waiting months for. A baby in the NICU was ready to be adopted in Arizona and they would need to be there in the next few days.

Lizzy and her husband Randle started their adoption journey with dreams of this moment happening, in hopes they could start a family. With this news, they realized there was little time to figure out where to stay once they got to Tucson, AZ, so they could meet their new baby girl, Jubilee.

The Ronald McDonald House stepped up to help. They arrived in Tucson at midnight, overwhelmed with emotions, where they were greeted by a welcoming Ronald McDonald house employee. While Jubilee was getting the medical care she needed at the hospital and the interstate adoption process played out, Lizzy and Randle stayed at the Ronald McDonald house in Tucson. Not only did the Ronald McDonald House provide a shuttle back and forth to the hospital, so they could be with Jubilee, but they were provided meals by volunteers twice a day. After almost 3 weeks of calling The Ronald McDonald House home, they were finally able to bring Jubilee home! All of this was possible thanks to the donations given by people like you.

The Ronald McDonald House is just one of the charities that FCM Cares supports. Together, we can help transform people’s lives. Give a donation to FCM Cares today to help those in need. You never know just how important your donation can be!

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