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Did you know the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970? Almost 50 years later, have you thought about how we embrace this day in 2017?

In our fast-paced, ever-changing lives, sometimes we forget to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty around us. Maybe you live in a relatively suburban neighborhood where it seems “natural beauty” is limited. So how can you take a step back this Earth Day, April 22, and reconnect with the beauty around you?


Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to reconnect and rejuvenate your garden. Don’t have a garden? Hopefully, you have a nice neighbor who wouldn’t mind letting you stop and smell the roses! Take a walk and see if there are any community gardens where you can lend a hand this spring.

Feeling super green? Take the time this earth day to plant one thing for your family. Here’s a guide to get you started on your first flower, herb, vegetable, or fruit garden. If you’re looking for a bigger project, consider starting a community garden. We found some great tips on how to get one started here.

Visit the Park

It’s a perfect Spring day for a picnic in the park. Grab a book, a friend, or a family member along with a blanket and some snacks. Leave your phone at home or on silent so you can embrace this moment with friends and nature.

Find a playground and test out the swings, take a ball or frisbee to throw, or even spend time looking at nature.

If there are any trails around your neighborhood, set aside some time to go on a hike or ride a bike.

Additional Ideas for Earth Day

Here are some other ideas you can easily implement this Earth Day:

• Reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones.
• Schedule a home energy audit.
• See if your doors and windows are properly sealed and your appliances are only plugged in when necessary to conserve energy. (This helps the environment AND your wallet!)
• Use energy-efficient light bulbs.
• Bring some plants into your home. They’ll help purify the air in your home and increase your productivity, along with brightening the room and bringing a sense of natural beauty and joy.
• Whether you’re going to work or running errands, consider walking, biking, or carpooling if possible.

Find out about more great ways to save energy here from

More Earth Day FUN

Check out this cool looking cookie recipe to share some Earth Day happiness! These are “outta this world”!

You can also visit EPA for more activities, resources, and ideas to help make #EarthDayEveryDay.

Let’s all go out and turn up the love for our beautiful Earth!