1st Time Homebuyer

VA Loans

Resources just for you

To get you started, here are some tools designed specifically for first-time buyers:

  • Free Mortgage Checklist — A one-page document that gives you a quick overview of the documents you’ll need to gather to get a mortgage. Think of it as a road map for first-time home buyers.
  • Homebuyer’s Workbook — Covers everything from renting vs. buying, to financing options, to the home-buying process.


How can I reach a Spanish Speaking member of your team?

You can contact a Spanish representative using our 1-844-Humanos hotline or with our Direct line at 615-624-5216.

You can also E-mail us at miguel.vega@fcmhomeloans.com.


Do you have a Spanish Website?

Yes, we do! You’re actually on it right now. Use the Choose Language drop down menu in the top right of this page to switch from English to Spanish.